Pastor Adeboye makes shocking revelation as he celebrates his wife on her birthday


Pastor Enoch Adeboye and wife

Marriage is a union meant for two people in love. However, these days, marriage appears to be a dicey situation.

Despite that, some couples have proven that love and good marriages still exist with their own relationship stories.

One of Nigeria’s popular men of God, Pastor Adeboye, recently took to social media to celebrate his wife on her 72nd birthday.

The preacher showered several accolades on his wife as he acknowledged how he is still her head in the home despite how powerful she is.

The pastor used his wife’s birthday as an opportunity to teach young ladies lessons.

He wrote: “Today is my wife’s birthday and there are lessons that women, especially so many young brides can learn from her. She is a powerful woman, I know that. She has many people who take instructions from her, but as powerful as she is, and even though she has seen me in my weakest moments, I have no doubt that I am her head. It does not matter what is on her itinerary if I say I would like you to go with me to so and so place the best she can do is try to convince me otherwise. If I insist, she would cancel whatever she was to do and come along with me…”


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