I’m extremely overjoyed to see my dance performed by Beyonce in her “Black is King” project-Xcluzive Zake.

Xcluzive Zake

Ghanaian dance sensation, Isaac Agyemang Assumang , popularly known as Xcluzive Zake & @topdancerzake on socials was extremely overjoyed to see his dance move featured & performed by Beyonce in her “Black is King” project.

The dance move, which he dubbed ‘Maso’, was part of the dance choreography for the ‘Already’ music video which featured Dancehall King Shatta Wale.

According to Zake, it was such an honor for him to see his dance step being featured in such an amazing project.

He said, “ I didn’t even know my dance step was used in the video, I was just excited to see Shatta Wale in the project so I was eager to watch. So during the course of the video, a friend pointed out to me and said isn’t that your dance step? And I was like wow!OMG! It’s a blessing!”.

He added “ I am very happy to see my dance step travel beyond the shores of Ghana and it shows that hardwork and determination really pays”.

The versatile dancer said he created the dance step when he and his family visited South Africa on a vacation.

“ I got inspired to create this dance when I visited South Africa in 2018. I went there with my family on a vacation and I fell in love with the country and their dance culture so I decided to bring a piece of it back home” he said.

So yeah he got his inspiration from South Africa 🇿🇦 and this dance step has been making waves for more than a year now and still making waves in Ghana 🇬🇭 and beyond! The Maso Dance step was officially released amongst four other dance steps on the 29th of april 2019 as a dance step Album/Ep, and maso has been the people’s favourite.

Beyonce seeing this dance step and loving it is enough proof that its a fav..Thanks to the choreographers for teaching her all she needed to know about this dance..

Watch video below:

Source: Nexttvgh.com

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